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About Us

Young Woman Working On a Rock

Welcome to, Jotun Technologies Inc., a social media and graphical art software development firm. We develop and innovate graphical art technologies using a combination of software and hardware solutions. We are pioneers in the collaborative art software scene with our Sketcher art software. Sketcher is the most advanced collaborative art technology available. We work with hundreds of artists to develop our tools to meet their needs and the needs of other artists. We aim to become the world's premier supplier of art software.

Mission Statement

To develop art software that fulfills the needs of artists using modern technologies, methods, and tools.

Our Vision

To see artists effortlessly use our products to enhance their skills, livelihoods, and their art.


The Sketcher art software is the flagship product of Jotun Technologies Inc. It is a collaborative art application that allows multiple users to draw on a single canvas simultaneously, with a rich set of tools that brings life and depth to your art. Sketcher features numerous additional features to enrich the user's experience. For example, Sketcher has a built-in voice chat feature that allows artists the ability to communicate using a microphone so that they do not have to take their cursors off the canvas. Sketcher supports the mouse, the touchpad, and the digitizer tablet.

We also develop an art site called is an art community that brings its members together through Sketcher, and then encourages them to post what they draw on Sketcher to, for the rest of the world to see. features a message board where members can discuss art and art related topics, an art gallery where members can upload their art, receive feedback from other members, and rate the art of other members. Additionally, there is a shoutbox, where members can publicly greet each other.

At Jotun Technologies, we believe in leaving a lasting and positive effect on the people whom we meet.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Please grab a chair, prepare your canvas, pick a brush, and come draw with us! See you in Sketcher and on!

News & Public Relations

17, March 2011

Recently Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9. If you upgrade to IE9, you will need Oracle Java version 1.6.0_24 (Update 24) or later to use Sketcher. This update is required to satisfy the new security requirements imposed by IE9. If you use a different browser or older version of IE, you should be able to continue to use Sketcher with an older version of Java without issue.


17, March 2011

As an experiment, we have created a way of accessing Sketcher rooms without an ArtGrounds account. Any unregistered user attempting to enter a Sketcher room will be signed in as "Viewer" followed by a random number, for instance "Viewer1234".

For obvious reasons, viewers aren't allowed to interact with the room in any way, except for entering or leaving it. Chat is read-only for viewers, to avoid disruptions, so do not expect any replies from them. At some point, we may add an "Allow/Deny chat from viewers" option in the client and let you decide for yourself instead...


13, March 2011

We released an update to Sketcher that drastically improves the compression algorythims. Users should see a noticible improvement in Sketcher load times.


13, March 2011

The Doodle layer and the Pen tool are now selected by default when starting Sketcher. This should make things easier for beginners. Patched bug where tool would switch when other users signed in.